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How I Became an Inadvertent Feminist in the Backcountry

What is so strange about hiking alone? The answer should be obvious. Rachel Spruston shares an experience that made her become an inadvertent feminist on the trail.

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Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

Lauren Hurst walks the beaten path to Hidden Lake. A seasonal employee within the park, Lauren shares insider tips about one of her favorite places.

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Between The Sand and Stars

Julie Edwards retreats to the deserts, is drawn by the stars, pulled by the poles. She ruminates on the pain of punishing landscapes, finding some comfort, release, and sense of inevitability between oceans of sand and stars.

"I go to the desert because it hurts." ->

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Jessie Dean Story: Texas Wild

Jessie Dean Story is a wildlife biologist turned filmmaker, on the road filming a PBS documentary series, Texas Wild

Join as she travels the caves, wetlands, and deserts of Texas and contemplates life beyond the Texas wilderness ->


On Wilderness

Emma Longcope examines the line we draw between "wilderness" and "civilization" in order to build a bridge over the gap we've created between recreation and conservation. 

Finding "a way to merge wilderness and our own beings, for the preservation of all" ->


Fresh Air on the Job: Working for the National Park or US Forest Service

We've always been curious about what it's like to work for the National Park Service or the US Forest Service - so we decided to ask you. This episode is a collection of your experiences and anecdotes. 

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Jess Gibbs, Photographer

Jess believes in the power of taking a photograph every day. Sure, she owns a van and loves to camp and travel - but she finds the same joy in the details close to home.

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Finding Confidence in the Outdoors: My Weekend at REI Outessa Summit

Amanda Sandlin on taking ownership of her outdoor experiences and the little steps you can take to become a more confident outdoorswoman.

"No competition. No embarrassment. No ego." ->


Socked in but Carrying On: Hiking Mt. Rinjani

Haley Littleton didn't think hiking an active volcano in Indonesia would be easy, but she did think there would be a view, which leaves her wondering: What makes a hike worth it?

"Conversations and connections created" during the climb ->


Wind River Range, Wyoming

We learn from Emily Olsen that now is the time to visit the Wind River Range in Wyoming. 

Beyond the Tetons ->


Art, Insecurity, and Identity

After years of experimentation, Madeleine Boga writes how she came to identify as an artist. It didn't happen overnight, but it has always been inside her. It's a lesson that translates to many other aspects of our lives.

Creating and sharing is brave ->


Amber Duncan | Mountainside Made

Amber creates eco-friendly jewelry close to the Santa Cruz mountains. Each piece is carefully crafted of largely reclaimed materials, meaning each piece holds a story. 

Jewelry that connects us to the earth ->


Episode 6: Women Outdoors, Online

Even in the wilderness, we are never too far from technology. And while that can be a negative thing, this episode explores the positives that spring from women outdoors, online.

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Archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden

Allemansrätten: the right for all people to freely wander the wilderness and nature reserves.

Allie Middleton took full advantage of "Allemansrätten" while studying in Sweden this summer.

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Sarah Uhl

A commercial and fine artist, Sarah Uhl is carving a niche within the outdoor industry. She is also passionate about creating "art in the wild" and is sharing those stories via her portfolio site.

"Distilling the magic in wild places"-> 

Women on the Road

Hinturland: Sophie Lee

After being raised as a nomad in the African bush, it's only natural for outdoor guide Sophie Lee to live on the road as an adult. She and her partner mainly work with disadvantaged youth, and their life in a Sprinter Van gets them closer to the mountains.

On the road in the United Kingdom ->


Creatives on the Road

We interview Alison Turner and Amanda Sandlin, two creatives who often travel solo in their vans. Their stories are unique, and the lessons learned are transferrable to a variety of life experiences.

Maintaining a creative practice ->

Stay Equipped

The First Camera I Loved

Melanie McKay reviews the SuperSampler from Lomography. It's the kind of camera that lets you have fun because it is all about movement and serendipity. It's like film to the 4th power.

Read Melanie's review ->


Dani Opal: Graphic Designer/Fine Artist

Dani treads the line between graphic designer and fine artist. She has a love for all the texture and geometry found in landscape, and her work highlights that in a beautiful way.

Crossing lines ->

Women on the Road

Donielle Stevens: Leave No Trace

Donielle wanted a job that took her on the move. For the past three months, she's been training people on Leave Not Trace principles and seeing the country.

How she makes it work -> 


The Best Parks That Aren't National Parks

With the help of some experts, Kat Carney pulls together a list of great parks around the United States. With all the talk of the National Park Centennial, she wanted to highlight some stellar parks that don't happen to be National Parks.

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Episode 4: Origin Story

Curious about how She Explores got started? Thinking about starting your own creative venture? The latest episode of the She Explores podcast covers our backstory and might just leave you inspired.

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Scottish Highlands

France native Virginie Chabrol loved Scotland so much that she found herself returning again and again. Finally, she made Scotland her home and was pleased to find that she had not lost her sense of wonder for the place.

Somewhere in the Highlands ->



Nic Annette Miller: "All I Can Do"

Woodcut artist Nic Annette Miller realizes the interconnectedness of her art and depression, but it isn't until she takes a long road trip that she puts her new headspace into practice in real-life.

"There is fear when speaking the truth, but it's a shame when it's withheld" ->


Women on the Road

Outside Found Alyssa Pelletier

Alyssa and her fiancé Will didn't decide to build out a school bus into an RV overnight. It was a series of small steps that brought her to where she is today.

Learn more in the interview ->

Stay Equipped

Parks Project: Apparel with a Purpose

Help support our National Parks by purchasing apparel that is well designed and gives back to the parks they are inspired by. 

"Leave it Better Than You Found It" ->  

Women on the Road

Eva And Jordan Go

Eva Griffith and her boyfriend, Jordan, are traveling the states on a mission to see every National Park. A Texas native, Eva hadn't done too much camping before this. Learn from her, 8 months in.

What a way to see America ->


Black Balsam Area of Pisgah National Forest, NC

Since Clare Healy moved to the Southeast, she's been pouring over maps to find her next backpacking trips. She shares her discovery of the Black Balsam area near Asheville, NC.

Beauty that makes you go quiet ->

Women on the Road

Home Sweet Van Juliana

After just four months of dating, Juliana and her boyfriend Richmond decided to build out a Sprinter Van together and travel the American West. Learn about the growing pains of moving into a Sprinter and their inspiration for the buildout.

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Stay Equipped

"A Woman's Guide to the Wild"

A review of the new guide by Ruby McConnell, released today for purchase. 

Your complete outdoor handbook ->

Road Trip

Desert Camp

Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett are housemates and creative collaborators. They recently road tripped to nearby Joshua Tree to do a photoshoot and attend Desert & Denim.

Lessons learned on the road ->


How to:

Save Money on the Road

Tips from Gale Straub for how to cut costs camping, eating, driving, etc. on the road. 

A little goes a long way ->