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New: "Curiosity as a Constant" Sticker Pack

Designed by Dani Opal, these lush stickers are a reminder to stay curious in our outdoor (and indoor!) lives.

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The Latest


Fear and Anxiety on the Trail

Julie Edwards writes a poignant essay distinguishing between fear and anxiety on the trail in our current political climate.

Choosing engagement over fear ->


Episode 17: Backcountry Bonding - Trail Mavens & Wild Women's Project

Meet two entrepreneurs heading up two different businesses with a common goal: bringing women together in the outdoors.

Sasha Cox & Amanda Goad ->


Big Bend National Park: Disconnect to Reconnect

Steph Wright escapes to the Rio Grande of Big Bend National Park. She reaps the benefits of disconnecting from technology: connection to the land, herself, and her friends.

Read her essay ->

Stay Equipped

Structured Spontaneity | Packing for Your Next Big Adventure

Haley Littleton is a world traveler. She knows that while it's fantastic to be able to pick up and go, a girl should be prepared.

Tips for staying ahead of the logistics ->

Photo by Liz Song

Photo by Liz Song


Episode 16: Towards a More Inclusive Outdoors

What We Can Do.  We talk with experts to provide practical steps for how organizations AND individuals can cultivate a more inclusive outdoor space.

Communication, activism, and reflection ->


No Water in the West

The western part of the US is in the midst of a growing water crisis, and a new generation of farmers are on the front lines of figuring out how to feed the future. Eva Verbeek examines what these farmers are doing.

Rethinking where our water comes from ->


Beauty & Endurance: Alternatives to Fast Fashion

Artist and vintage shop owner Madeleine Boga writes an educational and inspiring piece on the many alternatives to fast fashion.

What is fast fashion? How can we avoid it? ->


Episode 15: Kim Vawter, After The PCT

Taking lessons from the trail to the "real world." In our last of three Pacific Crest Trail interviews of 2016, we talk with Kim Vawter just 5 days after she thru hiked the trail. 

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Trail Rhythm

As an Olympic runner, writer and artist Sarah Attar knows the importance of rest. In this essay, she takes us to the high Sierras to recalibrate her body after Rio.

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Stay equipped

Jelt Belt | Sustainable & Versatile

When you spend a lot of time outside, you want to wear a belt that can go anywhere with you. Madison Perrins reviews the Jelt belt, made of 100% recycled water bottles.

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Lisa Kowieski | Made By Lisa Marie

Lisa is a multi-disciplinary artist with a contagiously positive attitude. She believes in drawing and painting in the outdoors because there is no substitute for the experience.

Learn more about Lisa ->


A New Holiday Tradition

To break out of the in-between of the seasons, we're trying something new this year.

Find out what we're doing new this holiday season ->

Women on the Road

Camille Collett

Camille is a geologist, rock climber, writer, and photographer.  Her solo time in her 2001 Toyota 4Runner gave her many gifts, including the ability to figure out what is important for her life. 

"I have become braver and more ambitious"->

Photo by Tory Treseder

Photo by Tory Treseder


Episode 14: The Women of Wylder

Meet the three women behind Wylder Goods. We talk about entrepreneurship, self-care, being a conscious consumer, and friendship.

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The Approach

Writing from the space that adventure films turn into a blink of an eye, Jaymie Shearer writes a compelling essay on the reality of making a summit versus watching from the couch as others make the climb.

Where would you rather be? ->

Photo by Liz Song

Photo by Liz Song


Episode 13: Diversity, "Beyond the Buzzword"

We team up with Liz Song of Snowqueen & Scout to dive into diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors. Using your voice submissions and talking with experts, we learn about the barriers that exist to a more inclusive outdoor environment. 

Listen here ->


Chandni Thawani | Chaandu

Chandni Thawani uses her Indian heritage and travel inspiration to create unique climbing chalk bags. Chaandu incorporates found fabrics in functional design, and each of Chandni's chalk bags tell a story.

Learn more ->


Stay Equipped

Her Camera Setup

Four female photographers, lots of cameras. Madison Perrins profiles four of her favorite experimental photographers and gets an inside look at their camera setups.


Beyond the DSLR ->


Emotion and Experience

Read why Haley Littleton believes emotion and experience will save the environment. She contemplates the power of connection.

Love as a framework for environmental involvement ->


Going Home

After three years of travel, Anna Leigh Flynn returns to live in Downeast Maine. She writes a compelling essay on re-learning the meaning of home.

"I didn't hear the voice in my head telling me to pack a bag before it's too late." ->


Episode 12: Carrot Quinn, After the PCT

We talk with Carrot Quinn, hiker and author of "Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart." We discuss anxiety, empowerment, and reconciling the division between the "real world" and the trail world.

Listen and learn more ->


Amy Reader: Sculptor/Fiber & Installation Artist

Amy Reader spent time in Peru creating a permanent installation that will change with the landscape. It is a nest-like sculpture naturally sourced and questioning, "Where are you going?"

Learning to ask the right questions ->

Women on the Road

Amanda Kohr | All Run Wild

Amanda Kohr is a writer and content editor living solo on the road. Her flexible work life enables travel and the time to pursue creative projects. It's not easy, but Amanda believes it's attainable for many. 

Balancing "screen" and "sky" ->


Raised to Road Trip

Photographer Meagan Bourne looks back at her family road trips with thanks for the gifts they provided: a love of travel, photography, and the outdoors.

The impact of the road on a young photographer ->


Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan combines true landscape features of the Tetons with dreamy colors in her series, Melting Landscapes. Her surreal work challenges the way we see nature and our human connection to it.

Learn about Kelly's aesthetic ->


Beyond the Lens: The Downside of My Love Affair with Photography

Traveling has brought out the photographer in Ching Fu. But she realizes that when there's so many opportunities to get the perfect photo, she sometimes misses out on what is right in front of her.

Read Ching's essay ->


Photo by Ashley Scheider

Photo by Ashley Scheider


Episode 11: Adventuring with Kids, Part 2

We interview the founders of Hike It Baby & Born Wild Project to learn about the benefits (and potential barriers) to getting outside with your kids.

Listen here ->


Welch & Dickey Trail, White Mountains, NH

A short hike that packs a punch in the White Mountains. Two peaks and expansive views, all in just over 4 miles.

A perfect fall day ->

Women on the Road

Noel Russell

Noel Russell, aka @noel_russ, is a part-time #vanlife-r. From a VW Eurovan to a newly acquired Sprinter, Noel, her husband, and their dogs explore California when they're not working in Los Angeles.

Making the most of your state ->

Stay Equipped

Our Fall Reading List

We don't care if it's cliché - the cooler it gets, the more we like hunkering down with a good read. A great story inspires action, so we asked our writers to give their top outdoor/adventure recommendations.

12 books on our shelf ->



The Beauty of Car Camping

An ode to car camping: because sometimes it's nice not to have to carry it all on your back.

A semi-luxurious experience ->


Women on the Road

Alexandra Ulmke | A Girl and Her Van

Interview with a solo traveler about the highs, lows (and in betweens!) of living in a Eurovan for the past 5 months.

Always learning ->

Photo by Rebecca Cusworth

Photo by Rebecca Cusworth


Episode 8: Alone on the Trail

With the help of listener stories, we share the benefits of going solo while hiking, camping, and backpacking. We also write our own story.

Why going it alone can be empowering ->



Lessons Nature Taught Me

Grace Gulley, founder of CYL, discovered her calling on a solo trip deep in Oregon's forests. Read about her journey to the Blue Pools and what nature taught her about the creative process and listening to your true voice, beyond doubt, fear, and ego. 

Taking the lessons with her ->


Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

Lauren Hurst walks the beaten path to Hidden Lake. A seasonal employee within the park, Lauren shares insider tips about one of her favorite places.

Sharing the excitement ->


Stay Equipped

The First Camera I Loved

Melanie McKay reviews the SuperSampler from Lomography. It's the kind of camera that lets you have fun because it is all about movement and serendipity. It's like film to the 4th power.

Read Melanie's review ->

Stay Equipped

Parks Project: Apparel with a Purpose

Help support our National Parks by purchasing apparel that is well designed and gives back to the parks they are inspired by. 

"Leave it Better Than You Found It" ->  

Stay Equipped

"A Woman's Guide to the Wild"

A review of the new guide by Ruby McConnell, released today for purchase. 

Your complete outdoor handbook ->

Road Trip

Desert Camp

Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett are housemates and creative collaborators. They recently road tripped to nearby Joshua Tree to do a photoshoot and attend Desert & Denim.

Lessons learned on the road ->


How to:

Save Money on the Road

Tips from Gale Straub for how to cut costs camping, eating, driving, etc. on the road. 

A little goes a long way ->