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Episode 4: Origin Story

Curious about how She Explores got started? Thinking about starting your own creative venture? The latest episode of the She Explores podcast covers our backstory and might just leave you inspired.

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Nic Annette Miller: "All I Can Do"

Woodcut artist Nic Annette Miller realizes the interconnectedness of her art and depression, but it isn't until she takes a long road trip that she puts her new headspace into practice in real-life.

"There is fear when speaking the truth, but it's a shame when it's withheld" ->



How Art in Nature Heals: A Glimpse into Eco-Art Therapy

Learn how cultivating an intentional practice can have transformative effects. Laura Hughes interviews art therapist Megan Bixel.

The healing benefits of fresh air ->

Women on the Road

Outside Found Alyssa Pelletier

Alyssa and her fiancé Will didn't decide to build out a school bus into an RV overnight. It was a series of small steps that brought her to where she is today.

Learn more in the interview ->

Photo by Becca Skinner

Photo by Becca Skinner


Episode 3: "Being Here": How the Outdoors Make Us Feel

Interview with adventure writer Hilary Oliver about her short film "Being Here." It's all about how the outdoors make us feel, so we also invited listeners to submit their thoughts.

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On Connecting Outdoors

"Being outside is good medicine—a natural escape from the walls that close in on us."

Kathleen Morton on the benefits of respectfully connecting outdoors in our digital age->



Emily Kelley | Land & She

Emily Kelley is an illustrator who rediscovered her artistic potential through a trip to Oregon. Uninspired by her graphic design day job, she now creates sustainable illustrations full time.

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Never Road Weary: A Continental Motorcycle Trip in 8 Parts

Hailey Hirst traveled 20,000 miles on a motorcycle - but she didn't do it all at once. Learn how Hailey and her boyfriend traveled in short bursts to accumulate one big adventure.

"Each leg was fresh" ->


Micro Adventure: How Much Can You See in One Week?

Kat Carney and her friend Jess OBryan drive and camp from Birmingham, AL to San Diego, CA. In doing so, they prove that it's possible to see and do an incredible amount in a week-long vacation.

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Alone in a Crowd

Hallie Rose Taylor writes about the "ethical paradox" faced by lovers of the outdoors. We seek solitude, but our parks and public land wouldn't exist without the public.

Contemplation and practical advice ->


Episode 2 - On Fear #2: Human Powered Travel

Interview with Julie Hotz, a filmmaker and photographer who spent the summer of 2015 bike-packing and backpacking across the American West. 

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Photo by Ali V

Photo by Ali V


Blogging & Insecurity: Why I Didn't Tell the Whole Story

Erin Sullivan on finding her voice and encouraging others to find theirs, too.

"Making yourself vulnerable is never easy"->


Redwood Regional Park: Oakland, California

Vivian Chen loves that there is a redwood oasis within the urban area of Oakland, California. Discover her favorite place to take friends for a "coffee date."

Miles and miles -> 


Sprinter Van Buildout: A Pseudo How-To

Kris Holbrook walks us through the building out her Sprinter Van into her workplace and home. An honest and funny look at the practical (and emotional) steps.

Step 1: Clear Out the Van ->


Episode 1 - On Fear: Beginner Backpacking & Kickstarters

Introducing the first episode of the She Explores Podcast, a bi-weekly series exploring how women experience the outdoors.

Listen to the first episode, featuring Liz Song and Rachel Goldfarb ->

Stay Equipped

Parks Project: Apparel with a Purpose

Help support our National Parks by purchasing apparel that is well designed and gives back to the parks they are inspired by. 

"Leave it Better Than You Found It" ->  

Women on the Road

Eva And Jordan Go

Eva Griffith and her boyfriend, Jordan, are traveling the states on a mission to see every National Park. A Texas native, Eva hadn't done too much camping before this. Learn from her, 8 months in.

What a way to see America ->


Black Balsam Area of Pisgah National Forest, NC

Since Clare Healy moved to the Southeast, she's been pouring over maps to find her next backpacking trips. She shares her discovery of the Black Balsam area near Asheville, NC.

Beauty that makes you go quiet ->


Moab, Utah: Desert Magic

Emily Klarer writes a meditation on the mysteries and truths of the desert. The starkest truth? There is no where to hide.

Beauty and belief in Moab ->

Tandem Trekking Lindsey


Interview with a Thru Hiker

Lindsey Elise of Tandem Trekking is a a self described "backpacking fiend." She's hiked the AT and we caught up with her before she left for the PCT to gain some insight on both the psychology and nitty-gritty of thru hiking. Lindsey's articulate voice paints a dynamic picture of thru hiking.

On hitting the trail, again ->


Summer Camp is Where You Park It

Every summer, 17 year old Hannah Goldfarb joins her sister Rachel in their "Idle Theory Bus" for an atypical summer camp experience. She dyes her hair hot pink and lives differently for a little while.

A reluctant high schooler's take on #vanlife ->

Women on the Road

Home Sweet Van Juliana

After just four months of dating, Juliana and her boyfriend Richmond decided to build out a Sprinter Van together and travel the American West. Learn about the growing pains of moving into a Sprinter and their inspiration for the buildout.

Meet Juliana ->



Photographer Christin Healey shares her recent trip to South America through her eyes. She says it best: "Rugged, wind-blown, and infinitely wild, Patagonia is one of those places you just need to see to believe." 

Discover Patagonia with Christin's photographs ->


Rachel Hayes, Textile Artist & Sculptor

Rachel creates sculptures out of textiles that complement the landscape and make you appreciate your surroundings. They're not static, so they change with you.

Fabric like architecture ->

Stay Equipped

"A Woman's Guide to the Wild"

A review of the new guide by Ruby McConnell, released today for purchase. 

Your complete outdoor handbook ->

Road Trip

Desert Camp

Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett are housemates and creative collaborators. They recently road tripped to nearby Joshua Tree to do a photoshoot and attend Desert & Denim.

Lessons learned on the road ->


How to:

Save Money on the Road

Tips from Gale Straub for how to cut costs camping, eating, driving, etc. on the road. 

A little goes a long way ->