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Letting Go

Photographer Vanessa Lamb writes an essay on the intricacies of simplifying your life. Deciding to pack everything into a Westfalia was easy, the hard part came next.

Change is like a break up ->

Women on the Road

Anna Ayeroff: Moving Mountains

"I’ve learned to listen to my intuition on the road. I do it best there. My intuition speaks loud there. Maybe because the road is so quiet compared to Los Angeles."

Anna leaves Los Angeles in her Eurovan to escape to the Southwestern mountains.

Meet artist Anna -> 



Photographer Christin Healey shares her recent trip to South America through her eyes. She says it best: "Rugged, wind-blown, and infinitely wild, Patagonia is one of those places you just need to see to believe." 

Discover Patagonia with Christin's photographs ->


She: Behind the Lens

Katie Kimball's short film "She: Behind the Lens" shares the roots of her creativity and invites you, the viewer, to find your own best self. 

Escape to the mountains ->


Lesley Frenz, Abstract Painter

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Lesley's paintings impart a feeling from a distant memory over a clear image of a landscape. It's quite enchanting, the pull we feel when we look at her paintings.

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Maiella National Park, Italy

Laura Gwinn Heberlein documents a place close to her family's heart. There is something about the places we return to again and again.

Discover a National Park in Italy ->

Women on the Road

Betty in the USA: Sarah Rossi

After one week of marriage, Sarah and Matt took their new life together onto the road in the form of an RV named 'Betty'. Little did they know their new home would be taken from them farther down the road. 

Learn more in Sarah's interview ->

Photo by Rowie Ververis

Photo by Rowie Ververis

Women on the Road

Roseanne the Van Lauren

For Lauren Marquardt, home is her '88 Chevy G20 van. It started off as a six week road trip with her friend, but she stayed on and has made it her lifestyle. In this interview, she shares her fears and gives advice for anyone else who is thinking about going it alone.

Normal is relative ->


The Opposite of Travel

It's OK to stay put. Molly Tankersley writes an essay on how she's learned to stay put without feeling stuck.

How to "live a life that makes you stupid happy on a Tuesday" ->

Photo by Parker Hilton

Photo by Parker Hilton


Concepts of Home 

After months on the road, Madeleine Boga is questioning the concept of "home." She turns to other female adventurers for their perspective. You might see yourself in their thoughts.

A place to call your own? ->


Rachel Hayes, Textile Artist & Sculptor

Rachel creates sculptures out of textiles that complement the landscape and make you appreciate your surroundings. They're not static, so they change with you.

Fabric like architecture ->


Afraid of the Dark: Why I Camp Alone

Linnea Bullion finds solace in the consistency of the sun, yet she faces the dark every time she gets in her car and drives.

Taking on the "conquerable unknown" ->

Photo by Jaymie Shearer

Photo by Jaymie Shearer


A Case for Sistership: The Power of Female Partnerships

Korrin Bishop writes a compelling case for collaborating with a female friend on your next passion project or business venture. 

Why teaming up is the best ->

Women on the Road

Bearfoot Theory: Kristen Bor

The founder of the popular blog "Bearfoot Theory" recently took her dream trip to New Zealand - touring for three months in a "hippie van." Back in the United States, she's reflecting on her solo adventures and planning for the next big one - living full time in her new 4x4 Sprinter Van.

On downsizing and taking chances ->


Buried Sexism: One Woman's Experience Working at Mount Rainier

Lindsey Elise writes about her summer working at Mount Rainier National Park. She discovered a tradition of masculinity and an opportunity to rewrite the story.

Read her essay ->

Stay Equipped

"A Woman's Guide to the Wild"

A review of the new guide by Ruby McConnell, released today for purchase. 

Your complete outdoor handbook ->

Road Trip

Desert Camp

Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett are housemates and creative collaborators. They recently road tripped to nearby Joshua Tree to do a photoshoot and attend Desert & Denim.

Lessons learned on the road ->



Ready is Never Going to Happen

Waiting until you're ready for a big life change? Erin Sullivan of  "Erin Outdoors" knows that "ready" is never going to happen. Here's her story of how she took the leap, and advice for you as well.

Why "ready is a myth" ->

How to:

Save Money on the Road

Tips from Gale Straub for how to cut costs camping, eating, driving, etc. on the road. 

A little goes a long way ->